This beauty staple is designed to define your lips with the greatest precision. Rouje’s Lip Stylo (lipstick pen) elevates your makeup routine. Whether you’re looking for crisp outlines or a blurred-lip effect, this lip pencil is the ideal tool.

Light Up Your Smile With a Lipstick Stylo



Thanks to its fine, rounded tip, our Lip Stylo is ideal for easy, controlled application. Use it to fill in and add color to the inside of your lips, creating a long-lasting base for your favorite lipstick, such as our matte lipstick, our creamy lip colors or our iconic Les Filles en Rouje lip palettes


For flawless results, gently prep and moisturize your lips by applying a nourishing lip balm. Next, apply your Lipstick Stylo, starting with the outline and then filling in the lips. Lightly blend the color with your fingertips for that mischievous blurred-lip effect. 


Take Your Lip Stylo Everywhere for Unfailing Confidence!



With its bold, luminous color and matte, powder-like texture, our Lipstick Stylo stands out. It’s comfortable, long-lasting, and a dream to apply, making it an absolute must-have in every makeup bag. Whether you prefer classic shades, such as bold red or a subtle nude, or you favor trendier hues, our Lip Stylo is the ideal lipstick for rich, long-lasting colors. 


Our long-lasting Lip Stylo won’t let you down! Go about your daily activities with confidence, and don’t let constant touch-ups worry you. Live life to the fullest and give your attention to what matters most. 


Whatever the occasion, your lipstick pen is your faithful companion. Stay true to the Rouje spirit all the way to your lips! 

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