Matte lipstick is the perfect companion for your lips. Its cleverly developed formula provides the wonderful matte finish you’re looking for in a lipstick that will stay on and remain flawless all day. Our palette of tints encompasses subtle neutrals and bold, intense colors, giving you enough variety to find the one to meet your every wish.

When Should You Wear Your Matte Lipstick?



Our matte lipstick infuses your makeup with an extra dose of confidence. Perfect for any occasion, from a long day at work to a night out with friends or just to embrace your feminine side every day. Enjoy sporting beautiful lips everywhere you go with our Les Filles en Rouje matte lipstick. 

A Matte Finish for Perfectly Defined Lips



Its superb satin finish turns our matte lipstick into a secret weapon to elevate your beauty ritual. Our innovative formula applies smoothly for maximum precision and a beautiful blurred-lip finish guaranteed. 


Give free rein to your desires and explore an array of colors and textures. From matte to semi-matte, red, rosy, or nude tints, our collection is chock-full of gorgeous options to satisfy all your aspirations. 


Boost Your Self-Confidence With a Colorful Matte Lipstick



Effortless application and perfect coverage from the very first layer mean a matte lipstick that delivers on the promise of a compromise-free experience and luxurious feel. Our matte lipstick sports a light, creamy texture - though different from our creamy lip colors - that every Fille en Rouje can wield to create superbly defined lips. 


Designed to withstand the challenges of everyday wear, our matte lipsticks are just the thing for a busy lifestyle. Apply in the morning as part of your beauty routine, and you can rely on a flawless look all day long without a single smudge in sight. 


Want a bit more variety? Don’t skimp on hydration! Our lip balms add color to your makeup while protecting your lips. The moisturizing ingredients they contain help your lips remain soft and supple, eliminating any dryness. Looking for more precision? Try our Les Filles en Rouje lip Stylos (lip pens). And, to round out your beauty routine, explore our iconic lip palettes

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