Face Palette: Blush and Highlighter

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Wonderfully versatile, our face palette brings out your personality. Heighten your innate beauty with a complete makeup palette that gives you the flawless complexion dreams are made of. The palette’s blush and highlighter create a natural, glowy effect that will last all day.

Makeup Palette by Rouje



From morning to night, our iconic and versatile face palette combined with our bronzer gives you an on-the-spot boost of radiance. Whether you’re looking to achieve a subtle dew-kissed finish or a bold hue, you’ll find the right shade amid the array of colors our palette features. From blush to highlighter, it complements every skin type. A real gem that will become essential to your daily routine. 


From champagne to bronze, our highlighters capture the sunlight and reflect it onto your skin for an instant and natural glow. Apply to the key areas of your face, such as the cheekbones, brow bone, and Cupid’s bow, to illuminate your skin tone and enhance your features. 


Our blush will have you under its spell. Its creamy texture blends superbly onto the skin for a fresh and natural look throughout the day without reapplying. Our palette includes three exclusive shades ranging from pink to plum to coral. Let your personality shine through! 


Our face palette is an invitation to unleash your creativity and play around with various shades of blush. Add it to your makeup as playful touches on your lips, cheeks, and even your nose for a sun-kissed look. A hint of mascara and eyeliner will make the effect complete. 


One Face Palette for a Flawless Complexion



Rouje makeup is carefully formulated and features natural ingredients – such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, and cocoa butter – in generous proportions. These natural treasures come together to create soft, nourishing textures that are a breeze to apply. 


Face palettes tend to attract less attention than lip palettes and eye palettes, but don’t underestimate their usefulness. You’ll soon count them as your trustiest ally in reviving the vibrancy of your features. 


With a high-quality face palette at hand, you can create infinite looks by playing with shades, shadows, and highlights. Add definition to your cheekbones or give your cheeks a healthy touch of color: this convenient palette offers endless options. 


Let your creativity run wild! Combine the shades, layer the textures, and explore the techniques to devise makeup styles that are unapologetically you. This palette will become the staple your beauty routine can’t do without! 

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